NC100 Adult Leagues

The NC100 Adult League is a fun weekly competition amongst archers, with the opportunity to win some cash prizes and your name on the plaque! League nights are Thursdays at 7PM, $10 per week (pay as you go), and missed weeks can be made up. There are 8 weeks of standard scoring to determine our top shooters and rank everybody for the Bonus Payout Shootoffs in Week 9.

Leagues are typically indoors, and handicaps are provided making it very beginner friendly! In the past we have offered various formats such as a FITA Indoor, Lancaster Classic, and NFAA Indoor to expose archers to different competition styles. Information for the upcoming/current League session is below!

Available prizes: 1st, 2nd, 3rd for each class, Overall Most Improved, Overall Most Consistent, Bonus 

2024 Summer League

The 2024 Summer League starts on May 23rd and will be our first outdoor league! Since this is new, here are the important details:


- Dates: Thursday nights May 23rd through July 25th, skipping the week of July 4th

- Cost of the league is $10 per week, to be paid in cash at the start of each league night- League shooting will begin promptly at 7PM to maximize daylight- Separate classes for Compound and Recurve/Barebow

- The league will be shot outdoors on the practice range at distances from 20 yards to 50 yards

- The distance each archer shoots will change each week. Each archer will shoot each distance twice*. Distance/week assignments will be random


- In the event of harsh weather (heavy rain, thunderstorms, etc.) league will be held indoors

     o Light drizzles – shooting will remain outside

     o Thunderstorms, excessive wind, etc. – shooting will move inside

- Decisions on shooting indoors or outdoors will try to be communicated via email at least one hour before league start time

     o If no extra communication is made, assume shooting will be outdoors

- *If shooting is moved indoors, the previously assigned distances for that week will be skipped 


- We will be using NFAA scoring, outdoors and indoors in the event of bad weather

- On each league night, archers will shoot 7 ends of 4 arrows for a max possible score of 140 points

- Two official practice ends will be provided at the start of each league night


- Makeups must be shot outside at the assigned distance for the week missed

     o If league was moved indoors for the missed week, the makeup must also be shot indoors

- Due to limited daylight on league nights, makeups must be completed at the archer’s discretion at another time

     o This is dependent on the honor system – abuse it and lose it, abusers will be disqualified with no refunds provided

High-Stakes Class - *NEW*

- For archers looking for an extra challenge, a higher risk/higher reward option is available via the High-Stakes Class

- Upon signing up for the league, archers may choose to sign up for the High-Stakes Class. Archers must remain in this class for the entire league

- Cost of the league for High-Stakes archers is $15 per week, to be paid in cash at the start of each league night

- Distances for High-Stakes archers start 20 yards farther than the default. Since the default distances are 20-50 yards, High-Stakes archers will shoot from 40-70 yards

- The highest-scoring High-Stakes archer will win the High-Stakes Payout, the extra money from the increased cost paid by all High-Stakes class archers

- High-Stakes archers will still be ranked within their respective bow-type class, meaning there is the potential to win 1st/2nd/3rd overall + the High-Stakes Payout  

The full rules are available here, and will be sent to all registered participants before the first week of league


Sign Up Now!

Sign up early by May 8th to receive extra advance notice of what your Week 1 distance will be! Final deadline for sign-ups is May 15th. :

2024 NC100 Summer Outdoor League Sign Up

 Past Winners!

Compound First Place Robert Minckler

Compound Second Place Mike Briscoe

Compound Third Place Rod Tanchanco

Recurve/Barebow First Place Paul McCullough

Recurve/Barebow Second Place Timothy Talbot

Recurve/Barebow Third Place Rye Black

Overall Most Improved Paul McCullough

Overall Most Consistent Jaclyn Turner

Bonus Payout Sean Morrison

Compound First Place Robert Minckler

Compound Second Place Tim O'Neill

Compound Third Place Kyle Cardno

Recurve/Barebow First Place W. Mark Wolff

Recurve/Barebow Second Place Abigail Sparpagilone

Recurve/Barebow Third Place Timothy Talbot

Overall Most Improved Lisa Porter

Overall Most Consistent Kyle Cardno

Bonus Payout Helen Kim

First Place Kyle Cardno

Second Place Todd Porter

Third Place Rod Tanchanco

Overall Most Improved Lisa Porter

Bonus Payout Todd Porter

First Place Kyle Cardno

Second Place Nick Chadick

Third Place Robert Minckler

Overall Most Improved Alyssa Fedorkowicz

Overall Most Consistent Rod Tanchanco

Bonus Payout Kyle Cardno

Fall 2022

First Place Tim O'Neill

Second Place Robert Minckler

Third Place Joe Sullivan

Overall Most Improved Ian Quiroz

Overall Most Consistent Joe Sullivan

Bonus Payout Robert Minckler